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JamRock 2024 Recap

This past weekend, climbing enthusiasts from across the region gathered at Climb BlueSky for an adrenaline-fueled event like no other - JamRock Climbing Competition. With excitement in the air and chalk on their hands, 49 climbers spanning five categories took on the challenge, pushing their limits and embracing the spirit of community and adventure.

The competition kicked off with climbers registering and receiving tokens of appreciation for their participation. From BlueSky Adventures buff style headbands to locally made energy bars, as a way to help every climber feel welcomed and valued. Sponsors like La Sportiva added to the excitement with stickers and Climb BlueSky included free day passes to the climbing gym, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Armed with scorecards detailing the 93 climbing routes meticulously set by the Climb BlueSky team and partners from Atlas Elevation Climbing in Morocco, competitors’ skill and determination was put to the test. Over three days of preparation, routes were reset to offer fresh challenges, ensuring every climber faced unique obstacles requiring creative problem-solving.

Participants chose their categories based on skill level, aiming to qualify for the final round by completing a minimum of three climbs within their category. The atmosphere buzzed with encouragement as climbers tackled walls, each attempt met with cheers from fellow enthusiasts.

After an intense hour and a half of Qualifying Round climbing, climbers tallied their top five scores to determine the finalists. The top three male and female climbers in each category advanced to the thrilling "Super Final," where they faced challenging routes designed to test their mettle.

With only a minute to preview the final route, climbers entered an isolated area, shielded from the sight of their competitors. The gym erupted in cheers as each finalist tackled the daunting ascent, racing against the clock to reach the summit or climb the furthest in the shortest time possible.

In a nail-biting finish, competitors in the Advanced Men's category showcased exceptional skill, with a mere three-second difference separating the top climbers. Amidst the excitement, we also saw moments of camaraderie as climbers celebrated each other's achievements and shared in the joy of pushing boundaries.

As the Super Final concluded, winners were crowned and rewarded with a selection of prizes, ranging from climbing gear to discounts on gym experiences. Yet, beyond the thrill of victory, the purpose of JamRock showed in the bonds created and memories made.

The Climb BlueSky team chose a larger rock from our gym's collection for all of the team members to sign and send back with our friends who came to help from Morocco to add to their wall. We prayed for and showered the two guys with appreciation before they departed the gym for the airport to fly back home.

In the end, JamRock wasn't just about reaching new heights on the wall; it was about the journey, the connections made, and the indomitable spirit of the climbing community coming together to celebrate a shared passion. Until next time, keep climbing, keep exploring, and keep pushing the limits of what's possible!

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