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When you embark on The Leader's Journey, you're prepared to guide your team on the road ahead. The four-stage curriculum is rooted in content books written by "Mark Miller" (the current Vice President of High-Performance Leadership at Chick-fil-A) and details the fundamentals of servant leadership, team dynamics, and organizational management.

Take a courageous step and become the type of leader your team wants to follow.



Lead Self

This is the first step of The Leader's Journey. It's a program that focuses on the concept of becoming a leader that people want to follow.

We at BlueSky recommend that everyone on you team should got through the program because it addresses concepts of how an individual should lead themselves in an effective manner. The more effective the individual is in an organization, the more effective the organization becomes.


Lead Others

For Lead Others, we are looking at people that have influence in your organization. It is a program that can help everyone, whether they are in a position of authority in your organization or not.

The program focuses on the fundamentals of a servant leader, which will guide the people of influence in your organization on how they can lead well.



Lead Teams

Lead Teams is a higher level of training that addresses concepts for the individuals that are trying to get a group of people to move in a certain direction. In most organizations, this is normally people in management.

The focus here is on how to achieve results, how to balance the results with community, and how to optimize your team's talent and skills.


Lead Organizations

This is the final stage of The Leader's Journey. It is designed for upper-level decision-makers and focuses on creating High Performing Organizations.

Most organizations are probably getting the job done, but this content will help your leadership focus on key area that research has shown may hinder organizations from having an unbreakable, effective culture.

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