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New to Camp BlueSky? Here's a little explanation of some of our traditions!


Mountain Groups

Campers move through Mountain Groups as they grow up at camp, based on their grade/year at school. Each Mountain Group has its own cheers, colors, and activities together, which get increasingly adventurous as they moved up. They are each named for a peak in East Africa, smallest to largest!


These are the 10 Mountain Groups:

Girls - Suswa, Satima, Meru, Lenana, & Kenya

Boys - Logonot, Lengai, Elgon, Kibo, & Kili


Chumvi & Nuru Teams

These are the two big teams at camp that compete throughout the week. And it is FIERCE! Every camper becomes a part of one team on their first day at camp, and once a Chumvi (red team) or Nuru (blue team), always a Chumvi or Nuru - someday your children will be the same! The names come from Matthew 5:13-16 in Kiswahili, where Jesus describes his followers as the chumvi (salt) and nuru (light) of the world. 


Gold Rocks

Every morning campers search for gold rocks around camp grounds - the cabin with the most at the end of the week wins a coveted bead for their necklace. 


Cheetah Clue

The Cheetah is a camp emblem, hidden daily. The cabin that solves the clue and finds the Cheetah gets a prize!



MAC (Men After Christ) and SWAG (Strong Women After God) are camp programs that let the campers spend special time together as guys or girls. These are times to enjoy friendship and fun, celebrate who they are as people created in God's image, and learn how to support and honor one another - while at camp and beyond. There's a little competition involved (it's camp after all!) with cheers and games, but we always focus on respect and celebration!


Camp Necklace

Campers and staff get to add camp beads to their necklace year after year. Everyone gets their Mountain Group bead each week, but there are also beads to earn - Gold Rock, Chumvi/Nuru, Mountain Shield, Honor Camper, Lion's Pride, and more. A growing necklace is a badge of history at Camp BlueSky!


Summit Fires

This is the grand finale of camp - a huge bonfire, cheers, songs, Say So (campers share what they learned that week), games, torches, and a dance party in the tent! It's an amazing time of reflection and celebration.


Lion's Pride

The Lion's Pride challenge can be attempted by our oldest campers,  to challenge their bodies, minds, and hearts. Though there are many elements, the key pieces include fire-building, Scripture memory, silence, and a run. Few make it into the Lion's Pride but even the attempt is a thing of honor!

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