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3 Reasons to Register for Camp BlueSky

Welcome to Camp BlueSky, the place for kids seeking a summer experience like no other. Here are the three main reasons (although there are so many more!) that you should register for Camp BlueSky today!


At Camp BlueSky, we have so many traditions that every kid gets excited about, whether it’s their first time attending or if they’ve been coming for years. When a camper joins, along with joining a cabin based on their age group, they are assigned to one of two teams. Chumvi and Nuru compete throughout the week in various challenges and games and each camper stays on the same team each year they come back, so the playful, fun Chumvi vs. Nuru rivalry is definitely an important tradition!

If you’ve been to Camp BlueSky, or even just know someone who has attended, chances are you can’t get some of our songs and cheers out of your head! Each age group has their own cheer and every meal is preceded by lots of singing and chanting and cheering. (Parents, we’re sorry that you’ll be listening to these songs for months after camp has ended, but it’s just way too fun!)

One of our all-time favorite traditions, which happens on the last night of camp, is summit fires, which includes (you guessed it) a big bonfire, face paint, team spirit, lots of singing and cheering, and also some time to reflect on the week.

Campers often find themselves immersed in these traditions, forming bonds that go beyond the week spent at camp. They help kids to create unique memories and brings a sense of unity and camaraderie to the friendships that are formed.


Speaking of friends…. The friendships forged at Camp BlueSky can be the start of lifelong connections. Within our community, campers find themselves surrounded by peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment where differences are celebrated and friendships are nurtured.

The shared experiences of conquering challenges, exploring nature's wonders, playing unique games and cabin devotions lay the foundation for deep, meaningful relationships. In the welcoming embrace of Camp BlueSky, campers discover the true essence of friendship, creating bonds that withstand the test of time.


Camp BlueSky wouldn’t be Camp BlueSky without some adventure! From ropes course activities to learning new skills to rock climbing and white water rafting (for the older kids), BlueSky provides age-appropriate and safe adventures for every camper. It’s so important for children to begin to experience new things that challenge them, excite them, and even scare them a little bit! Camp BlueSky provides this experience for campers in a way that also keeps them safe and supported, both physically and emotionally.


Don’t miss out on the chance for your child to have this unique, meaningful experience. Registration is now open, so book your slot to get the session of your choice! Give your child the gift of Camp BlueSky—a place where traditions, friendships, and adventure come together to create memories that will last a lifetime. Secure their spot now and let the countdown to a summer of fun and growth begin!

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