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Camp BlueSky Junior Counselor 

Length of Service:  1-5 weeks, May 20, 2023 - July 26, 2023 

*At minimum attend training and serve 1 week of camp, can serve up to 5 weeks


The Junior Counselor’s primary role will be to assist the Camp Counselors to care for, play with, and guide campers as they engage in fun activities, adventurous challenges, and healthy community. They may also assist the Programming team with a variety of tasks related to activities and daily programs at camp. We want campers to be led by a staff who are eager to nurture them and create an environment of love, acceptance, and growth. 


Junior Counselors will serve under the leadership of full-time BlueSky staff and alongside university-age staff who are experienced, professional, and faithfully following Jesus in their lives. It is an opportunity for students to grow in their personal faith, strengthen character through serving others, develop leadership and professional skills, and build positive friendships with peers. 


  • Working with other camp staff members to implement camp programs and create a Christ-centered, fun, and safe environment for campers and other staff members.

  • Learning from Counselors and other staff how to facilitate small group conversations, teach from the Bible, and invite kids into healthy relationship with God and others. 

  • Assisting Program Aids in set-up and clean-up for various activities.

  • Leading, supporting, and playing with campers as they participate in age-appropriate activities. 

  • Memorizing emergency procedures and monitoring campers to ensure compliance with camp rules and prevent accidents.

  • Maintaining and overseeing proper use of camp facilities and equipment.

  • Reporting and recording details of incidents, such as accidents or rule violations, to their lead Counselor and Camp Leadership staff.


All BlueSky ministry staff are volunteers who raise or contribute the necessary funds to cover the expenses involved in being at Camp BlueSky. For Junior Counselors, this amount is based on the cost of room and board at Brackenhurst Conference Centre, hosting conference centre, which is TBD per weekDon't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about finances.

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